We're on a mission to find and support the best emerging founders.

A revolution in entrepreneurship is underway.

A student armed with a MacBook, an internet connection and a great idea can build a business that reaches people around the globe – with just $5,000 or less. They don’t need any prior business education, networks, product or market knowledge.

Student entrepreneurs are launching more startups than ever before.

We know students are interested in entrepreneurship and more are launching startups. Universities are responding by investing in entrepreneurship education, support programs and startup incubators but there is still a gap in support to help young founders when they leave Higher Education. That’s where we come in.


Students in Australia want to be a founder or are already involved in a startup based on data from UTS 2016 survey and GUESSS Survey 2013.


Universities in Australia and New Zealand that we want to work with to nurture and identify emerging founders.


Galileo is currently raising up to $20m to invest and support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Follow the journey as we launch Galileo fund and accelerator

Galileo is currently fundraising its first fund (open to wholesale investors only) and talking to universities and potential partners. Get in touch if you’re potential partner or join our community to stay updated.

Founding Team

Together we’ve worked with hundreds of young entrepreneurs across Australia. Helping launch over 70 startups and creating millions in value.

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