We Back
Emerging Founders

from their first rounds.
We're an Aussie pre-seed to seed VC that invests up to $500k in emerging founders building new technology in global markets, often before anyone else.
Pre-Seed VC

We're not afraid to back first-time founders

We've invested in over 20 companies founded by exceptional emerging founders creating radically new products and markets.

We do AI, software, hardware and deeptech.

$200k-$500k investment, flexible terms

We lead most investments or can follow existing larger rounds. We co-invest with the world's leading global VCs from seed and help you with follow-on funding.

Multi-sector investing, founder-led thesis

We believe interesting founders will take us into interesting new markets. We're one of the few pre-seed funds that invests across sectors, enterprise to consumer and deeptech.

Hands-on, operational support for pre-seed founders.

From customers to fundraising

Our post-investment support is focussed on helping you get-into-market to grow. When ready, we support your next fundraise and will connect you in with leading local and global VCs.

Bringing robust support, down to seed.

Coaches, annual conference, workshops, founder socials for all-in support. Our team of coaches help you build effective sales functions, scalable products, and hire great talent.
No Bullsh*t

No Intros Needed.

Raising your first round? Get no-BS feedback fast.
Apply now to Galileo online. No introductions, no cut-off dates. Just personalised feedback to everyone that applies.
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Photo of Galileo founders James Alexander and Hugh Stephens.

And an experienced team to make it all happen.

We understand emerging founders and we're not your average VC, young, LGBT-identifying founding partners. We've built technology companies and have worked with hundreds of founders, just like you.
Investment Stage

First Seed Investor

We like to be the first seed VC, often post an accelerator or before you talk with larger funds.

Industry Agnostic

We invest in ambitious founders building in global, fast-growing markets.

Prototype to First Customers

We've invest in pre-customer startups but typically look for unique insight and validation.

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