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We back early entrepreneurs who are ready to take their startup to the world with $200,000 investment and coaching to drive growth.
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Galileo Ventures is a venture capital firm and growth accelerator program for emerging founders in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. We focus on helping you scale your startup, customers, revenue and impact.
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A new type of accelerator for the next generation of founders.

12 Months of practical support

Startups join our 6 month semi-structured program with 6 months of follow-on support. You don't need to relocate either. We're not a short bootcamp aiming to quickly flip you to the next investor, we're your operational partner.

No cookie cutters – 1-on-1 coaching on core functions

No generic lectures you don't need or already know. Galileo has dedicated team and experienced coaches to help you with sales, marketing, product, hiring, design and PR – tailored to your stage and industry.

A dedicated $10m fund to help you get into market and grow.

$200,000 investment for more doing, less fundraising.

We invest more than most accelerators so you have more time to build your business and refine your go-to-market strategy, not focus on raising the next round.

Helping you focus on building sales and product – customer deals not pitch days.

Our team knows how to build scalable products and global teams. Our philosophy and approach is around helping you build effective sales, cutting-edge products, and working out how to get-into-market to grow big. No time-wasters, please.

And an ambitious team to make it all happen.

We understand emerging founders, and we're not your average VC, with under 35 year old, LGBT-identifying founding partners. We've built companies, accelerators and worked with hundreds of founders, just like you.
Investment Stage

First Investor

We like to be the first VC, typically post a university-affiliated incubator, or match exisiting investors up to Series A.

Industry Agnostic

We invest in ambitious people and global ideas. We love web, software, hardware, deep-tech and life sciences.

Looking To Grow

We like to invest to help you get to market. Ideally you have an early product in the market to solve a problem, and the next step is getting customers on board.

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