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We're launching a growth accelerator, helping founders to get customers and revenue in the door.
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A new type of accelerator. Laser-focused on growth, sales and go-to-market strategy.

Galileo Accelerator, our growth program, will help you sell more, to the right customers, and develop the skills every founder needs to operate and scale an early stage startup.

Over 12 months, 6 months program with 6 months of follow-on support, our experienced team and program coaches will help you develop your core business functions – hiring, sales and marketing, fundraising, operations, product management – getting together around once per month to focus on a core skill area.
We're here to help you focus on growth, not get in the way: No relocation required, remote compatible program and tailored, 1-on-1 support.
$200,000 Investment
per Startup
12 Months of Support
(No relocation req.)
1-on-1 Tailored
Support & Coaching

How to apply.

You can apply any time. We have a flexible and rolling application process.
Fill out a 'Quick Application’
It takes 10 minutes to fill out a Quick Application. We aim to reply within 72 hours with our initial thoughts, feedback and to confirm next steps.
Meet the Galileo team
Selected founders will be invited to submit a full application and discuss their startup with the team. This is a back and forth discussion.
Investment Offer
Teams that are successful will receive a formal offer of investment and invitation to join the Galileo Accelerator.
Accelerator Starts
Teams that receive investment will participate in our 6 month semi-structured accelerator program.

The first program starts from October 2020.
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What the Galileo Accelerator offers founders.

Our program is designed to help you get-into-market, win customers and scale your company.

12 Months of Support

Our accelerator program is a 6 month semi-structured program, with 6 months follow-on support.

We require startups to have 12-18 months of runway entering the accelerator. We know developing product and repeatable sales takes time.

We will help with fundraising support when the time is right – not when the accelerator ends.

Dedicated Program Team and Coaches

Our accelerator is like having another team member – helping you with what you need, not a one-size-fits-all program.

We will have dedicated accelerator staff and experienced program coaches available to help you develop your skills.

Monthly ‘Sprint Weeks’

Sprint Weeks are where all teams will come together remotely (during COVID-19) or in-person to skill-up on core functions of the business.

These weeks feature 1-on-1 coaching sessions, customer introductions and operational support.

Connecting you to expertise & follow-on funding

We'll help you learn to choose the right service provider or freelancers to support your startup.

When it's time to raise the next round, we can connect you with VCs who best suit the next stage of your growth – local or international.

What sets us apart from the rest?

This ain't our first rodeo. Our approach is built on years of helping early-stage founders and running multi-award winning accelerators.
$200k Upfront
We invest more from day one, to give you more time to experiment and build sales before raising more money.
Candid Feedback,
Honest Support
We're not just cheerleaders. We actively work with our founders to support their growth and tell-it-like-it-is (almost like an extra co-founder).
More than an MBA or Entrepreneurship Program
You can get entrepreneurship lectures elsewhere. We're here to back you to solve difficult problems and make stuff happen.
Advice from Active Founders
& Operators
We've built and run companies ourselves, and pass on the latest thinking and lessons to our founders.
Our team has founded, supported and invested in over 400 startups, driving over $10 billion in exits.

We know early-stage and how to build value towards a big outcomes for founders, customers and society.

Tell me more:
frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team.
What are the Galileo investment terms?

Our standard investment is $240,000 for a 12% equity stake in your company. We deduct a $40,000 program fee (see here), so you receive $200,000 to fund your startup.

That equates to a $2 million post-money valuation. We wire you the money as soon as you accept our offer.

Most importantly, we want you to have 12-18 months of runway when you join our accelerator. For some businesses (hardware, biotech etc) this may mean we work with co-investors, and we can speak to you about this after you complete your Quick Application.

We prefer an equity investment over convertible note or SAFE, so you know your dilution but we are flexible with this for certain startups. Get in touch!

What stage does my company have to be at to receive investment?

Ideally, we are the first equity investor (that is, excluding grant funding or ‘credit card equity’) in your company. Startups should have an early product in market (ie a minimum viable product) as the focus of the program is go-to-market strategy. 

We aim to invest before many VCs would be comfortable. We do this because we can provide tailored support through our accelerator program.

Regardless, we are always happy to hear from you at any stage of your startup. It might not be a fit right now, but we will happily let you know if that’s the case and help where we can.

Where should startups be located or incorporated? Do I need to relocate?

At the stage we invest, we expect most companies to be incorporated in Australia with major operational activities based anywhere here. Our investment mandate requires us to mostly invest in Australian companies, but it does not matter which state or city you are in.

There are no relocation requirements for our program. You will need to join our ‘Sprint Weeks’ in capital cities once a month (virtually during COVID-19), but otherwise we want you based where it makes sense for your business to be based.

Is there follow-on funding after the accelerator?

Galileo has access to a large follow-on fund and follow-on investor network and will aim to assist you raise your next round of financing at the right time for your startup.

Galileo primarily invests your first round and will follow on our investment in future rounds on a case by case basis. Our goal is to help you directly at the early stage, and then connect you to outside investors who can support you as you reach the next stage of growth.

Do I have to participate in the accelerator?

Our standard investment requires all teams to go through the accelerator as this is how we provide tailored support and expert advice to you. We prefer this over the traditional method of sitting on a board (we don't take board seats as part of our investment).

Think of our accelerator as another member of your team to help provide support and feedback as you grow over 12 months.

Do we have to relocate to participate in the accelerator?

No. There are no relocation requirements for our program. If you can travel to our Sprint Weeks than that is preferable but otherwise we want you based where it makes sense for your business to succeed.

What are the time requirements of the accelerator?

We aim not take up your time unnecessarily – it is not daily activities. We will ask all core founders to come together for up to 1 week per month over 6 months either online or in a major city to have participate in training, coaching and meeting potential customers.

We want founders that are excited to participate in our accelerator cohort, who will become your extended peer and support network into the future.

Can I see more details on the schedule and program?

The focus of the program is about go-to-market operations and strategy for companies ready to scale up their minimum viable product.

We work with our portfolio companiesto tailor the right programming for what you need to know, alongside having the right coaches available to give you the advice you need to succeed.

We’re applying a ‘launch and iterate’ approach (like we recommend to our founders!) and more detail will be made available for companies that make it to the next stage of application.

If you have any specific questions please just get in touch or, better yet, fill out a Quick Application.

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