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Flexible terms, fast process and Founder-Only
Galileo Membership.
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Flexible pre-seed and seed investment terms.

Galileo Ventures offers more seed investment and more hands-on support for every company we invest in. We like to lead your first round of investment typically investing A$200,000 up to A$500,000 per company on valuations that suit your stage.
Our goal is help you focus on your go-to-market, grow your customers and set you up for success with your next round.
AU$200k up to $500k
per company on flexible valuations
Fast process
from application
to term sheet
to diligence
We lead or co-lead,
first or second round

Galileo offers our founders robust support – we call it Galileo Membership.

Our membership program is designed to help you get-into-market, win customers and scale your company.

Life Time Membership,
On-Demand Support.

Galileo Membership program is designed and road-tested to set you up for success post-investment.

It starts off with fortnightly meetings with the founders (we don't take board seats), setting strategy, holding you accountable and pulling in support as and when you need it.

Coaches to support you with sales, hiring, product and more.

Our dedicated support team and coaches is like having "another team member", according to our founders.

Helping you build core functions of Leadership, Sales, Hiring, Product, Marketing and Fundraising.

We help you with what you need, not a one-size-fits-all program.

Founder-only events for insider insights.

From Mini-Conferences in major cities, to fully-remote 'Sprint Weeks' with workshops hosted by founders and operators to our infamous annual Founder Retreat.

Membership gives you access to all of this over the lifetime of your company.

Follow-on fundraising support and introductions to the top local and global VCs.

When it's time to raise the next round, we support and coach founders to run a competitive process.

Supporting you with your deck, investor list, and connecting you with VCs who best suit the next stage of your growth – local and international.

A few things that set us apart.

This ain't our first rodeo. Our approach is built on helping hundreds of founders.
Investing in Diverse U30
First-Time Founders
We invest more money, before most VCs are comfortable in ambitious, and typically young teams. We exist to back more first-time founders.
"No BS Feedback"
Our founders tell us we're not just cheerleaders. They appreciate that we 'tell-it-like-it-is'.
We Provide
Executive Coaches
We pay for Exec Coaches for each founder. We're big on nurturing founders to become great leaders within their organisation.
Advice from Active Founders
& Operators
We have built and run companies ourselves, and pass on the latest thinking and lessons to our founders.

Our investment process.

Anyone can apply, at any time. We provide personalised feedback to every application.
Submit Your Pitch Deck
It takes 10 minutes to fill out a Quick Application and submit your pitch deck. We aim to reply within 72 hours to request an intro call or give you real feedback.
Meet the Team
You will be invited to discuss your company and future plans with the team. This is a back and forth discussion with Galileo Partners.
Term Sheet and Diligence
If we're excited to invest and back your mission, and you're excited to join Galileo, then we'll offer you a term sheet.
Founder Support Starts
Post due diligence, we invest! You join the Galileo Membership and we start our post-investment support straight away. Welcome to Galileo.
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Our team has founded, supported and invested in over 400 startups, driving over $10 billion in exits.

We know early-stage and how to build value towards a big outcomes for founders, customers and society.

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frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team.
What are the Galileo investment terms?

We invest on flexible terms. Our typical investment offer is to lead your pre-seed or seed round with a A$240,000 up to $500,000 investment for approximately 8-12% equity stake in your company. Post-investment we charge a refundable one-off program membership fee of $40,000+GST. This funds our round legal costs, founder support operations and founder conferences (and holds our support accountable to you!).

Typically this equates to a A$2-4 million post-money valuation, but we are flexible on valuation. See our guide to raising your seed round for more information on how to approach your valuation. We wire you the money as soon as diligence is completed and we execute final docs. We prefer an equity investment but can invest with a convertible note or SAFE.

What stage does my company have to be at to receive investment?

Ideally, 'post-idea/concept' with early results in your user or customer traction. Read our 'too early' blog post for more. Startups should have an early product in market (ie a minimum viable product) as the focus of the program is go-to-market strategy. 

We aim to invest before many VCs would be comfortable. We do this because we can provide tailored support through our founder support program.

Regardless, we are always happy to hear from you at any stage of your startup. It might not be a fit right now, but we will happily let you know if that’s the case and help where we can.

Do you invest in US or non-AU companies?

Yes we can invest in non-AU companies but we invest mostly in Australian companies. Our investment mandate requires us to mostly invest in Aussie tech companies, but it does not matter which state or city you are in.

Does my company have to pay for Galileo membership?

Yes. Membership fee is one-off and covers round legal costs, membership program resourcing, events and benefits. It is refundable if you don't think you have received value.

Do we have to relocate to Melbourne or Sydney to receive investment? 

No. There are no relocation requirements.

Do you lead the next round?

No. Galileo will help you raise your next round and help you access a large follow-on investor network.

Galileo primarily invests your first round and will follow on our investment in future rounds. Our goal is to help you directly at the early stage, and then connect you to outside investors who can support you as you reach the next stage of growth.

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