Announcing Jupiter Cohort 2

Championing more women founders and innovators to build high growth tech businesses
Team Galileo
Jun 2024

Jupiter’s 4-week program is back!

Cohort 2 is open to all women founders and innovators pursuing big opportunities and looking to build the next high growth technology businesses.

Created and curated by Galileo, Jupiter participants gain: 

  • insider knowledge on what VCs actually look for in founders and startup opportunities, 
  • the core foundations for building high-growth tech companies and making an impact,
  • how to execute on early-stage business with limited resources, 
  • how to craft narrative and pitch investors successfully. 

Jupiter is tailored for early-stage women entrepreneurs – whether you are thinking about founding a startup, looking to raise early-stage capital or joining an existing startup.

The important bits:

  • Registration Deadline: Sunday July 14th, 2024
  • Program Start Date: Tuesday July 16th, 2024
  • Program End Date: Tuesday, August 6th, 2024
  • Cost: $450 AUD 

👉🏽 For more information, register here.

About your Facilitator Natasha Ralwings 🦸

Natasha Rawlings is tech entrepreneur, operator and previous deeptech VC investor, and held several board positions in cutting edge technology companies.

Previously co-founder of StreetHawk, investor at Uniseed and more recently COO at Quasar Satellite Technologies, Natasha has significant experience working with early to mid-stage tech startups, with a particular focus on creating revenue through sales and marketing. 

Before startups, Natasha had a successful career as a marketer and product developer in Australian and UK companies including Marketing Director of International Masters Publishers (publishing), Guthy-Renker (cosmetics and fitness), and she led innovation/ new revenue streams at News Corporation in the UK. 

About the Jupiter program 💫

Jupiter is a 4-week discussion-based workshop program designed to give you the skills and confidence to found a technology startup and raise early stage capital. It's about harnessing your existing strengths, providing insights into the startup landscape, connecting you with the tech world, and fostering collaboration with other exceptional women. 

Jupiter's mission is to help address the gender gap in startup founders and operators who want to make a big impact, with a focus on technology, and cultivate more role models for the next generation.

Technology and innovation has been created and shaped by pioneering women over the years from the first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace, to enabling the first crewed space missions, Katherine Johnson, to modern pioneers of today in Quantum Computing, Michelle Simmons, to design software used by over 185m people, Canva founded by Mel Perkins.

In this program, you will…

Learn the Foundations of Building a High-Growth Tech Company

🔨 Dive into the essentials of building a startup with Galileo's foundational framework. 

  • What Makes a High-Growth Startup: Explore startup characteristics and the differences between startups and SMEs.
  • What Makes a Compelling Founder: What VCs look for and how to communicate your unique insight. 
  • Building a Moat: Understand what sets your startup apart from the competition.

Navigating Product Prototypes to First Sales

🛠️ Transform your vision into reality as you execute on product development, with limited resources.

  • Winning Your First Customers: Unlock strategies to win your initial customers.
  • Customer Acquisition: Learn the tools and tactics to acquire and retain customers.
  • Sales Strategies: Convert prospects into paying customers and dive into business models.

Learn the Fundamentals of Building High-Performing Teams

🤝 Learn the art of assembling, leading, and motivating teams essential for startup success.

  • Co-founder Dynamics: Understand the dynamics of co-founder formation and equity splits.
  • Building Your Team: Find the right talent and structure your startup team.
  • Effective Management: Navigate co-founder relationships and tackle challenging conversations.

Learn the Fundraising Process and How to Pitch your Startup

💰 Learn how to run a tight fundraising process, talk to investors, and secure funding with compelling pitches for early-stage startups. 

  • Fundraising Strategies: Get an insider's look at the fundraising process, stages, and dealing with investors.
  • Pitch Deck Perfection: Craft a compelling pitch deck with confidence and gain insights from successful examples.

Plus more...

✨ Collaborate in a Peer-Learning Community

Dive into the 0-1 phase of building an early-stage business, learn the art of fundraising, and refine your startup skills within a supportive peer-2-peer group learning environment. Be both an inspiration and inspired!

✨ Harness Real-World Wisdom

Hear from trailblazing women who lead tech companies and product teams. Including 1:1 coaching workshops to become an effective founder. Discover what it takes to soar as an industry leader. 💪

📅 Key Dates and Info

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Skill Level: Introductory course, no prior startup experience needed
  • Location: Remote (Virtual) on AEST with local in-person community events.  Open to women to all Women in Australia and beyond
  • Registration Deadline: Sunday July 14th, 2024
  • Program Start Date: Tuesday July 16th, 2024
  • Program End Date: Tuesday, August 6th, 2024
  • Cost: $450 AUD 

📚 Format

The program will be delivered remotely with sessions scheduled outside of standard business hours every Tuesday early evening and every second Friday lunchtime.

Each week, 3-4 hours of sessions is scheduled, totalling 14 hours over 4 weeks.

The program includes:‍

  • Topic Workshops: Every Tuesday from 5-8 pm (3 hours.)
  • 2x Guest Speakers: Friday Lunchtime 12:30-1:30 pm (1 hour) with recorded session
  • Peer-to-peer group learning and discussion
  • 1:1 Coaching from your industry facilitator 
  • An inclusive women founder community
  • Invitations to exclusive Galileo community events

👩🏽‍💻Who is this for?

The Galileo Jupiter Program is an introductory course for women who are:

  • Current or future founders and CEOs of technology startups
  • Current or future operators looking to lead teams within startups
  • Current or future product builders using technology to solve big problems
  • Women-led startups raising early-stage capital (pre-Series A)
  • Interested in learning about tech entrepreneurship and what it is all about

👉🏽 Register your interest today for more information.

About Galileo Ventures

Galileo Ventures is a leading Aussie seed VC firm that backs exceptional emerging founders changing the world through new technology. We specialise in investing and supporting first-time founders, in their first round, building their first high-growth technology company from all walks of life. 

We like to say ‘first-time, first-round is our investment aim, not exception’. 

Part of Galileo’s mission is to increase inclusion and participation within the technology sector.

Galileo has made 20 investments to date with 40% of our investments backing women founders and tech CEOs.

About the Author
Galileo Ventures is a seed VC firm supporting the world's most ambitious emerging founders.

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