Galileo Annual Founder Conference 2022 - Airlie Beach

What went down at our annual Galileo Founder Retreat in Airlie Beach
Luddy Graham
Jul 2022

In May, we were thrilled to bring 10 Galileo founders together in Airlie Beach, Queensland, for three days of bonding, learning, and inspiration at our second-annual Galileo Founder Retreat.

Founder Retreat is a way for the founders to all meet each other, to connect, work and play together over a few days. It's like an invite-only mini-conference, but much more fun – only founders that receive investment from Galileo are invited.

We kicked off our first night on an exciting note, getting to know each other over a beautiful Whitsunday sunset and BBQ; Some of us were meeting in person for the first time.

Lots of sight seeing around Airlie Beach.

Thursday was packed with a full day of sharing group insights and expertise with lessons from the past six months and a Startup Dilution session run by Galileo Partner, James Alexander 📈💸.

After a number-crunching session and the shock realisation of how much money needs to be made for venture-backed companies to be successful, we took a breather with a lovely group lunch. 

The afternoon was filled with adventure and adrenaline out on a sailing trip led by Hugh Stephens. And what an adventure that was! Let's just say this wasn't your average leisurely sailing trip.

To some who have never experienced sailing, it felt like the Sydney to Hobart race. Safe to say, everyone had a ball, and most forgot about work for the afternoon. 

We spent Friday morning with more insightful founder-led sessions by Lumi Interactive's Christina Chen on Product Management and TikTok Advertising by Steppen's Jake Carp

This left plenty of time in the afternoon for some fun in the rain visiting the Cedar Creek Waterfalls and a brewery for some founders or getting back to work for others. 

Before saying goodbye to friends new, we wrapped up a magical week with a sunset Wins Night. Each team presented their biggest recent win and lesson they've learned and finished off our last evening together with dinner by the ocean beach and a night of dancing.👯‍♀️ 

If you’re a first-time founder looking to raise the first round - we want to hear from you! Apply today and we’ll aim to get back to you with real feedback from a real human.

💡  FUN FACT:  Our speed from term sheet to money in the bank 💰 only takes 10 days.

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