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Announcing Galileo Ventures investment in Envited!
Team Galileo
Jun 2022

We’re excited to announce our investment in Envited - Facebook events without Facebook.

Envited is a GenZ social events platform founded by Gen Zers themselves, Mihailo Bozic and Jordan Saddik, focused on allowing hosts to gather friends in one place across all social media. 

Since its pre-launch release earlier this year, Envited has attracted 200 unique event hosts and over4000 users - Some of which were hosted by local Sydney Tech community groups such as Earlywork and a Podcast’s Techno ‘Tech House Party’. 

'Techno Tech House Party’ hosted on Envited. 

Only 2% of Gen Zers are on Facebook, so how are they inviting friends to parties?

A decade ago, when you made a new friend IRL, it was normal to add them on Facebook to stay in touch and up to date on each other's lives. When you wanted to invite them to a party, creating an event page and adding them to it was convenient. However, the reality is people are moving away from Facebook and it's harder to send invites to friends.

Only 2% of Gen Z are on Facebook, down from 42% in 2012.

Instead, 87% are across Snapchat and Instagram and across different apps; what's the alternative for Gen Zs to organise their socials? In fact, many Gen Zers use stop-gap solutions like manually writing down RSVPs in their Notes app or creating 'event-only accounts' to manage various events.

Put simply, there is no way to invite friends seamlessly across different social media platforms. At least there wasn't... until Envited came around.

Down with Zucc 👎🏽

Why has Gen Z stopped using Facebook? A few points come to mind; Improper use of data belonging to 50 million Facebook users, OTT with brand advertising and content, 'fake' news and hate speech, and online bullying.

Basically, they have neglected to focus on the granular social interactions in real-time between younger users to help increase fun, positive and friendly interaction. As a result, Gen Zers have lost interest in the platform.

The Envited founders realised at university that most students were missing out on events as they weren't on Facebook.

Who doesn’t love a David and Goliath story?!

Led by their values and sick of the toxicity of Facebook, we were intrigued by founders Jordan and Mihailo taking on tech giant Facebook.

We felt confident that as Gen Zers themselves, both Mihailo and Jordan were a strong founding team to tackle this problem with a unique insight into Gen Z consumer habits when planning and attending parties.

Mihailo was a super Gen Z networker and created the Star Wars Facebook meme page Just Jedi Things with over 635K fans. Jordan was a data scientist who refused to lead a life in corporate, and both were determined to make Envited work.

Cultivate more friendships by making it easier to plan social events.

Envited allows Gen Zers to create and share events seamlessly across all social platforms. No more texting 5 different group chats and recording RSVPs in the notes app.

Gather friends in one place in three simple steps.

Envited allows you to create your event in 2 minutes, invite your friends from any social media platform, and get text message reminders of events coming up. It's simple, seamless, and sexy.

TLDR, tell me in a meme:

Stay tuned for our next investment announcement!

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