Hello Steppen – The #1 Gen Z Fitness App

Announcing Galileo Ventures investment in Steppen
Luddy Graham
Dec 2022

We’re excited to announce our investment in Steppen - The #1 fitness app for Gen Zs

Founded by first-time founders Cara Davies, Jake Carp, and seasoned CTO Dave Slutzkin, Steppen is a GenZ fitness app enabling healthy exercising habits for the next generation. 

Since launching in June 2021, the Steppen app boasts over 330,000 app downloads with its biggest user base located in the United States, over 3 million exercise videos viewed, and 75,000+ workouts completed by their users. 

In addition, the all-star team has raised $1.65 million AUD led by yours truly (Galileo), alongside, Flying Fox, Launch Vic’s Alice Anderson Fund, Jagen Family Office, Startmate, and Afterpay Co-Founder Anthony Eisen.

Gen Zs aren’t ‘Getting summer-bod ready’

With over 300K app downloads, and Gen Z founders themselves, it was no surprise Steppen discovered Gen Z views health differently from previous generations.  

Although the overall quality of life is the best it’s ever been - Gen Z is suffering a mental health crisis.  Fitness isn’t just about hardcore workouts or chasing the perfect ‘beach bod’ anymore.

“Gen Z now accounts for over 1 billion people worldwide. We are the largest and most health-conscious generation on the planet. Despite this, there is not a single solution built and catered for us.” - Cara Davies, Co-Founder & CEO of Steppen.

As a result, the fitness world has shifted towards holistic wellness and preaches the importance of mobility, recovery, and self-care with a focus equally placed on physical and mental well-being.

Steppen exists, to empower young people to maintain their mental and physical health in a simple, enjoyable manner. 

Helping Gen Zs create healthy exercise habits

With attention spans as low as eight seconds, Gen Z, who are constantly online is changing the way apps are built.

Knowing this, the Steppen team has designed the Steppen app to tackle short attention spans, whilst also helping their users build healthy exercise habits. Users can now choose sessions as short as 5 minutes, and add them to their daily fitness tracker. 

“Utilising behavioural science, habit formation loops, bite-sized activity, and short-term achievable goals, Steppen is able to demonstrate progress when it otherwise may not be visible.” Cara Davies, Co-Founder & CEO of Steppen

The idea is to not overwhelm a user starting out, and to set daily goals achievable to keep users engaged and coming back each day without the shame of incomplete workouts.

Bite-size activity and short-term achievable goals

Carving new paths forward in the Fitness Industry

So what's different about this fitness app Vs others? The founders and their creative take on the future of health and fitness. 

We were first impressed by 300K+ app downloads then quickly became intrigued by the unique insights we were learning about their users. 

Lucking out, it was obvious to us that the Steppen team had also mastered the art-of-co-founder-alignment between the three of them, and seemed to work together as seamlessly as a ChatGPT poem. 

#1 Health App for Gen Zs

The vision of Steppen is simply to empower Gen Z to live their healthiest lives. 

Whilst the team is focused on fitness right now, they aim to become the #1 Health app for Gen Z. Not only covering fitness, but other categories such as mindfulness, sleep, and more. 

“We are talking about billions of people using Steppen daily to build healthy habits” - Cara Davies, Co-Founder & CEO of Steppen.

We 💜 ambitious emerging founders, and are pumped to be backing this exceptional team on their mission to help Gen Z become healthier.

TLDR, tell me in a meme:

Stay tuned for our next investment announcement!

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