Hello WiseList – Australia’s fast-growing grocery comparison app

Announcing Galileo Venture’s pre-seed investment in WiseList.
Team Galileo
Oct 2021

We’re excited to announce our pre-seed investment and platform support for WiseList, Australia’s fastest growing, and one of the most-popular grocery comparison apps on the app store. Over 50,000 Aussies have downloaded WiseList to manage their shopping list!

We're backing WiseList with a $240,00 investment and support through the Galileo platform.

Who is the emerging founder?

WiseList is founded by Adrian Lu, a Chinese-Aussie software engineer from Melbourne who was partly inspired by the super-apps of China and wondered why we don't have the same features locally.

We first met him while he was just getting going at The Generator at Monash University.

This is Adrian’s first high-growth business.

Why is this needed, now?

WiseList is tackling a big problem in Australia’s $122b grocery market – consumer choice. Why can’t we easily get near real-time pricing on our regular items? Why can’t we easily compare across multiple stores? Why are grocery promotions still based on giving customers a printed booklet for one store?

The reason is that Australia has traditionally been dominated by a duopoly of Coles and Woolies. They have very little reason to encourage you to shop from multiple stores but instead have created two of the largest supermarket chains in the world that aim to offer everything under one roof.

Consumers today now want to know and research everything before they buy many retail and electronics goods. We think groceries should be the same.

What can you do now that you couldn’t before?

You can now see and compare the price of your grocery shop from Coles and Woolies before you buy.

Download the app today, add your grocery shopping list and instantly see which store is cheaper and how much you’ll save.

In Melbourne you can even click order to get your groceries picked and delivered from multiple stores too.

WiseList also has other handy features like popular recipes from the web and users where you can easily add all the ingredients to your shopping list.

What impressed us?

First, when we first met Adrian he had already amassed nearly 30,000 users on the app. From zero marketing spend. This is a great example of organic growth, word of mouth through families sharing the app, fuelled by the network effects of shared shopping lists. Today that number is more than 50,000 and growing faster each month!

Second, Adrian’s vision. He wants to create Australia’s first super app where you can shop for groceries across all stores, from big supermarkets and your local green grocer or specialty shop.

Sounds great! How do I get involved?

Download the app and give it a spin!

WiseList is also currently hiring and launching online delivery to more locations over the coming months.

If you want to be a shopper for the WiseList community, register your interest within the app.

Tell me in a meme:

Apply to Galileo today! If you’re an emerging founder looking to raise your first seed round we want to hear from you! Apply today and we’ll aim to get back to you within 72 hours and with personalised feedback from the team.

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