Overview: Common Investment Questions

Introduction to the Galileo investment process and common questions.

Galileo Ventures is a seed VC that offers seed investment for emerging founders.

To apply for investment founders can use our ‘Quick Apply’ form and meet the Galileo Team. You don't need a warm introduction or to have previously interacted with us!

If we think there might be a good fit with Galileo we’ll discuss with you further and, if successful, we’ll make an investment offer. 

We combine investment with our membership to provide tailored support to each company.

Common Questions

How much do you invest? 

Typically $200,000-$500,000 AUD per company. See our investment section for more on terms.

Do you get the money upfront or do you tranche the investment?

Typically, you get it all upfront.

We like to avoid tranching investments (when an investor 'drip feeds' the money into your startup over time) as its messy and overly complicates things for founders.

If we didn't trust you to spend the money wisely, we would not make the investment.

Can I apply for investment multiple times?

Yes. Once you apply for investment you’ll be on our system and can stay up to date with our latest programs and offerings. After applying, we keep you 'on our radar'.

If you are too early for a Galileo investment (we'll tell you if we think so!) then please feel free to add us to your regular investor/mentor update email list.

Where should startups be located or incorporated?

We expect most companies to be incorporated in Australia. Our investment mandate requires us to mostly invest in Australian companies, but it does not matter which state or city you are in.

Do you invest in companies based outside of Australia e.g. USA or Asia?

Yes. We can invest in companies based outside of Australia but we like to see a connection to Australia (e.g. you have customers here or want to test your product here). We expect our international investments to be further developed (that is, later stage) than local investments.

Do you follow-on?

Yes! Galileo has access to a large follow-on fund and follow-on investor network and will help you raise your next round of financing at the right time for your startup.

Galileo primarily invests your first round and will follow on our investment in future rounds either from our fund or via our investors. Our goal is to help you directly at the early stage, and then connect you to outside investors who can support you as you reach the next stage of growth.

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